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Fabspeed Toyota Supra A90 Sport Catalytic Converter Downpipe

Fabspeed Toyota Supra A90 Sport Catalytic Converter Downpipe

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These downpipes feature German made HJS 200 cell EURO 6 EC certified compliant trimetallic catalytic converters. We use 4 in piping from the engine side to the cat, and 3 in tubing from the cat to the rest of the exhaust. These are the largest and highest flowing catalytic converters you can fit on the 2020+ Supra. Larger catalytic converters are better because they allow for more exhaust flow and the increased catalysts surface area allows for better exhaust gas filtering which means emissions compliance and will NOT trigger a check engine light. Our Sport Cat Downpipes are a direct bolt-on replacement for the factory Supra catalytic converter. 

When we looked at the factory 12” long 700 cell ceramic core cats we immediately found an opportunity for improvement. The OEM Cats restrict exhaust CFM flow, limit sound and worst of all, rob performance. Replacing the OEM cats for a set of Fabspeed Sport Catalytic converter will net you improved performance with absolutely zero fear of a check engine light. 

When we dyno tested our Sport Cat on a 2020 Supra it made 13 whp at the peak and 13 ft/lbs of torque at the peak. We saw curve gains of 29 ft/lbs of torque at 2400 rpm and 30 whp at 6300 rpm! And that's without a tune. Check out our XperTune for even bigger gains with our Sport Cat. 


  • Fits all Toyota Supra 3.0L 2020+ Models worldwide
  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • The largest HJS German EURO 6 homologated tri-metallic catalytic converter  that will fit in the factory location
  • This HJS catalytic converter will support 1200HP+
  • Designed to fit left and right hand drive cars worldwide
  • Significant performance gains across the RPM band. See the Dyno graph!
  • Even more power can be unleashed with a ECU tune. Please inquire.
  • Optimized for maximum performance with NO catalyst generated check engine light, guaranteed
  • Superior quality all German and USA components built in house by hand
  • TIG welded by our expert welders
  • T304 stainless steel construction

Please allow 25-30 days for shipping 

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